We are your first port of call for any queries or concerns, including complaints. We will handle these complaints in line with our complaints process. You can contact us by completing the below form or by emailing complaints@fcglobalpayments.com. We commit to acknowledging, investigating, and resolving complaints in a timely manner. Response times may vary depending on the complexity of the complaint but should generally be within 5 business days.

We work with Currencycloud, who ultimately provides you with regulated Payments and E-money services. Currencycloud has certain obligations as a regulated financial services institution, including around complaints. We keep them informed of the complaints we receive from you regarding the regulated Payments and E-money services they ultimately provide to you. They oversee how we handle complaints to ensure we do this to the standard required under the regulations. However, if for any reason your complaint regarding your Payments and E-money services has not been acknowledged or dealt with by us, or if you have concerns about the way it has been handled, Currencycloud’s complaints information can be found here.

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